O platformie

The Education for Democracy Foundation (FED) has operated the Civicportal.education e-learning platform as part of the “RITA – Region in Transition” program since 2011. The Platform forms part of the Civicportal.org website: a portal aimed at fostering international cooperation and hosting e-learning courses prepared by the FED and its foreign partners.

These courses supplement, or in some cases even replace stationary training. We each time precisely define our target group (in most cases our courses are intended for NGO representatives or teachers) so as to adjust our training offer to participant needs as closely as possible.

On the platform, we conduct moderated courses focused on selected issues, including global education. Such training sessions have been held regularly for a few years now. This platform is also available to our Belarusian, Moldovan and Ukrainian partners who wish to supplement their projects with an e-learning component.

Beneficiaries of grants awarded under our programs receive access to non-moderated courses which help understand copyrights and open licences, evaluate a project or draft a project implementation report.

Information on open calls is available on the platform's homepage.

Last modified: Friday, 15 September 2017, 4:08 PM