Civicportal E-learning Platform – Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to the e-learning platform available at operated by the Education for Democracy Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the “E-learning Platform”. The E-learning Platform's owner and managing entity shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Platform Administrator”. Any person who uses the Civicportal e-learning platform shall hereinafter be referred to as “User”.

1. Each and every person who uses the E-learning Platform shall comply with these Terms of Use. Registering with the E-learning Platform means that you have read the terms set forth below and that you accept them.

2. The E-learning Platform is an educational website which is administered and operated by the Education for Democracy Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Nowolipie 9/11.

3. E-learning Platform use is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory for each and every prospective user. Each user shall register and hold an individual, separate account. It is not permitted to use a different user's account.

4. Online use of E-learning Platform resources shall be unlimited. However, it is prohibited to download materials (graphic elements, courses and other content) other than those labelled as “available for download”.

5. The Platform Administrator shall not be held liable for any damage arising from Platform use or the information contained therein. The User alone bears the risk connected with E-learning Platform use.

6. Upon registering with the E-Learning Platform, the User expresses consent to the processing of his personal data by the Education for Democracy Foundation for purposes of creating and administering his account. The User represents that he has been advised of the following: • the Education for Democracy Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Nowolipie 9/11, 00-150 Warsaw shall be the administrator of his personal data (as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997). • Users shall have the right to access his data and correct them, • personal data are made available voluntarily, however, they are indispensable to create and administer an account on the E-learning Platform.

7. E-learning Platform use is subject to restrictions arising from Polish law, in particular provisions of Polish law on the protection of image rights and reputation, copyrights and eliminating discrimination on any and all grounds.

8. The User shall refrain from uploading any advertisements of its commercial activity to the E-learning Platform.

9. Should a User fail to observe the provisions hereof, the Platform Administrator shall have the right to immediately block that User's account, take all necessary steps to clarify the circumstances of violating these Terms of Use and pursue any claims arising from the violation.

10. The Platform Administrator reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use.

Last modified: Tuesday, 30 July 2019, 1:50 PM